Rental of facilities


The pool terrace area is available for rent for wedding receptions, birthday parties, child parties, and special events. The ambiance surrounding the location will help make your party more enjoyable. Please come and negotiate with us and we will help you organize a perfect party. Our space with chairs, tables, and a pool terrace is suitable for child parties. The entire garden is available for this purpose. We can also offer certain child activities.


The rates depend on the number of guests. For small groups, the rates start from SRD 2500, which includes the swimming pool. The guarantor is SRD 1500. Please contact us for further details.

Rental conditions

  1. The location is rented for 5 hours.
  2. The guarantor is SRD 1500.
  3. ln case the rules are violated, the deposit is not returned.
  4. The reservation is only final when a down payment of at least 50% has been paid. The remaining amount has to be paid one week before the rental date.
  5. Decorations may be placed on the day of the event from 11 am.
  6. During decorations, only pushpins and adhesive tape may be used. Confetti is prohibited.
  7. All drinks and food may be delivered prior to the event.
  8. We (Tran Elite) are not responsible for delivered goods.
  9. Do not dive and jump into the pool.
  10. The depth of the pool is 1.70m
  11. Music should not be played very loudly.
  12. Decorations may not be placed in the pool.
  13. Swim clothing is mandatory.
  14. Only drift objects are permitted in the pool and no other play material.
  15. Hotel guests may use the pool facilities.
  16. A shower prior to swimming is mandatory.
  17. After the event, all garbage (cups, plates. decorations, etc.) should be cleaned up. In case this does not happen, a deduction will be made from the security deposit.
  18. Garbage bags and toilet paper should be brought by the renter.
  19. The renter is responsible for all damage caused by event guests.
  20. Music should not be played too loud, only background music is permitted.
  21. The location may not be used for commercial purposes.

Please also read our house rules.

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation 5 (five) days prior to the event is free. If an event is canceled within 5 days of the date, the security deposit will not be returned. In case of further questions please contact us.


Our location with tables, chairs and a pool terrace is perfect for children. For this, we have the whole garden at your disposal. We can also provide you with various providers of child activities.

  • Maximum capacity of 100 persons
  • Available for 5 hours
  • Seating possibility for 70 persons
  • Bar with fridge
  • You may bring your own food and drinks
  • Pool
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